Friday, March 25, 2011

I can never find a ripe avocado.

I can't find a cute, single, straight Jewish boy to save my life!

Why can I never find the matching sock?

Winter SUCKS!!!!

Alright, so I can find ripe avocados (my corner store grocer always has a stash at the front), I’m already in a relationship with a cute, (not single), straight, Jewish boy, and I try and buy socks that all look the same so I don’t have to worry about matching them, but I definitely agree that winter sucks!

Though I could come up with a slew of my own, these aren’t my complaints. They are the complaints of over 1000 Torontonians who submitted their grievances to the Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage for use by Toronto’s first Complaints Choir. The company, which started in Europe, has found a brilliant way to make complaining a whole lotta fun.

After Toronto’s complaints were all gathered up, Toronto’s resident composer and lyricist, Bryce Kulak set the best grumbles to music. The volunteer choir has learned the new music and are now ready to share it with Toronto. Their first gig was Tuesday, (click for a photo), and there will still be one more chance to hear Toronto’s gripes this week.

Sat, March 26, 3:30pm - Harbourfront
Admission is free!

For a preview of Toronto’s newest composition, click here.

Casandra Campbell

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