Thursday, November 18, 2010

Severe Clear - TDT at the Fleck Dance Theatre

Saw a fantastic dance performance last night - Toronto Dance Theatre's Severe Clear at the Fleck Dance Theatre at Harbourfront Centre. Beautifully choreographed by the always amazing Christopher House - Artistic Director of TDT - and with simple yet really effective sets, lighting and costumes, Severe Clear features 12 dancers (6 men and 6 women) and was inspired by House's trip to the Yukon ten years ago. Ice, water, bears, fish, birds, fire, wilderness, the Northern Lights, nomads, a wandering snowshoer, animals and humans morphing and moving - the performance beautifully and very effectively captures the essence of the north. Great use of sound too - recorded bits of outdoor sounds, people's voices, animals, music and water, really well integrated into the performance.

Severe Clear was first performed ten years ago (see some clips on YouTube here) and is only running for a few days, until November 20. Go!!


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